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551 keer bezocht sinds 7 Augustus 2015, 04:05

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'Comolli tight-lipped foreign '

Geplaatst 7 Augustus 2015, 04:11

In the Carling Cup by Shootout in the final after beating Cardiff, Liverpool with Liverpool Jersey won the first championship for 6 years, as well as domestic Cup team won a total of 15 times, Manchester United British Isles side by side top of the first. Liverpool legend-John Shaun Suisham Steelers Jersey Aldridge praise for Dirk Kuyt, and commended the Netherlands was very special player. He was so selfless, he experiences, games are played an important role in the match and like this game. Maybe not first showed up he was going to be disappointed and surprised, but it never affected his play. In competition, he hacked into the scoring of a grain of gold, no one is better suited to play this role than he, so many years have been dedicated to him of this team offers the best return. Dirk Kuyt's performance has made it the Daglish be dying Savior under Super replacements, but rely on 31 years of Netherlands who apparently was not enough to support the revival of team banner. League Cup win just Liverpool with New Liverpool Jersey revival in the first step, after receiving the European war tickets, Red Army will continue spending huge amounts of foreign aid, so as to quicken the pace of team's revival. When in an interview with Sky Sports, Damien-Damien Comolli without taboo and openly said that Liverpool Director, recovery teams on the rise will significantly increase the team attractive to big players, and the Club decided in the summer of this year has spent foreign aid, so as to continue to enhance the team's strength. "We have learned that some of the big players want to join us this summer, because they believe that our plans. European football as a whole know Liverpool's Grand goal, we kill the European war game back, winning the League Cup, which was a positive factor. Now the team is rising in a good state, many players are hoping to fight side by side with us, because this is a very attractive destination. �
Damien Comolli tight-lipped foreign aid plan to the team, but ahead of team owner John Henry has revealed three major goals of the transfer market this summer.

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